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A New Interactive Animated Series You Control, Own and Watch

Year 2022, in a small town called Telephone Gorbi is an aux, a supplimentary friend assigned by the government to people who have been diagnosed with 'Gloomia', a new condition by which a person can’t spend time alone more than 4 hours. 

Gorbi’s first assignment is "Ekko Tapes", a quantum scientist turned DJ and lives in the town of Telephone. 

Gorbi finds out that two aux have been assigned to Ekko at the same time. The other aux is called L. While they struggle to choose who is going to stay as Ekko’s aux, they suddenly realise that they might have figured out where the source of Gloomia might be from and therefore enter the adventures of auxWorld to battle the loneliness of their multi-species society. 

A TV Series You Can Curate and Personalise

You can build a meaningful connection with the lives of Gorbi, Ekko and  others, through ownership of digital goods used on the set of this weird and continusly growing TV series! 

Your interaction and interest determines the next epsiode.

A Story World That Knows You

Every episode is prepared using

your taste and by selecting every building block of auxWorld, be it clothing, humour or skills which you can buy from the auxuman store. 

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